Jewelshine™ Ultrasonic Cleaners & Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems: They are the Best in the industry.

About Jewelshine™ Ultrasonic Cleaners:

Expect the Best!

What Matters Most

Jewelshine™ makes your jewelry the best value in town. Silver, gold, and platinum will shine like diamonds and your diamonds will radiate brilliantly with rainbows of color never seen before. Color stones will show their true color.


We are the world leader in microscopic precision cleaning, using nano technology at the molecular level (based on units sold) with over 90,000 installations worldwide. We have produced more units than all our competitors combined. Rest assured: We leave nothing to chance, and we will do whatever it takes for you to succeed.


Tens of thousands of hours of observation and testing along with consideration of the variety of materials cleaned and how they react to treatment, have been invested. Our accumulated knowledge helps to ensure that our products are the best in the business. This knowledge is the reason why we build units in many sizes and with many options: So one will suit your needs exactly. We will teach you how to polish, how to buff and what solution to use for best results.

Long Life/Reliability

Our products have the longest operating life possible. There are Jewelshine™ units out and operating that were manufactured thirty years ago.


Jewelshine™ units set the world standard others try to imitate. Jewelshine™ units perform better than all the others on the market today. Jewelshine™ products do exactly what the name implies: They shine your valuable jewelry like nothing else. The diamond-based buffing compound buffs even under the already set stones.


We are proud of our personalized service. We get to know you and your needs in order to help you to the best of our abilities. If needed for any reason, we offer loaner units, while we professionally service your unit at our factory. 80% of our customers come back to us and tell their friends/colleagues about us. This is a result of great products and unsurpassed service. Our customers are like family to us.


We manufacture the most efficient units on the market today. Regardless of the size of the unit, the energy savings more than pay for the unit in two to five years! Our units do not require distilled water, either.

Not a Customer Yet?

If you are not a CD Nelson customer yet, let us earn your business too! Just let us know how we can help.

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